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Datamax-O'Neil Portable Printers

O'Neil, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation(NYSE: DOV) is the world's leading providerof reliable portable printing solutions. For 25 years, O'Neil has focused exclusively on designing portable printers for the mobile workplace. With over 70 printers and 150accessories, no one understands portableprinting or satisfies the needs of the mobile workforce better than O'Neil. O'Neil printers are used around the globe in route accounting, direct store delivery, retail and field mobileservice applications.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

Datamax-O'Neil Thermal Label Printers (Back To Top)
Datamax-O'Neil LP3 Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil LP3 Portable Printers

The retail floor is no place for downtime. Constantly reloading supplies or getting a low battery reading during a markdown process is unacceptable. The LP3 offers almost twice the media capacity and twice the power capacity when compared to other printers on the market. With its fast and easy side-loading design, this means fewer interruptions and increased productivity on the floor

Datamax-O'Neil RL3 Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil RL3 Portable Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil RL3 portable thermal label printer offers easy integration language emulations. The RL3 is compatible with most popular warehouse management software programs, independent label applications and remote management programs

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Datamax-O'Neil RL4 Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil RL4 Portable Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil RL4 thermal receipt/label printer increases productivity by allowing label printing at the point of application. Instead of using a different location to produce batch labels the warehouse or retail floor worker can immediately tag and invoice at the direct point of access. This feature increased productivity while eliminating the margin for error

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Datamax-O'Neil Andes 3 Thermal Receipt Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil Andes 3 Thermal Receipt Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil Andes 3 thermal printer offers all the features of higher priced printers without compromising on quality and performance. With a 4MB/Flash memory for storing custom logos and fonts while the 2MB RAM handles integrated features as standard fonts and operating systems. The long lasting Lithium ion battery is inclusive and lasts an entire 8-10 hour shift without needing to be charged

Datamax-O'Neil Apex 2 Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil Apex 2 Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil Apex 2 printer is designed for those transactions where small size and fast printing and dependability while remaining within budget is critical. The 32-bit architecture processor keeps the pace with even the most demanding of applications. Providing a 2.24 inch receipt that is remarkably clear and concise, this low-profile Apex 2 printer is perfect for industries such as hospitality, police meter ticketing and POS restaurant servers where anything much larger may encumber.

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Datamax-O'Neil Apex 3 Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil Apex 3 Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil Apex 3 thermal portable printer is a no-frills printer designed to simplify the mobile workers task of printing and keeping up with the daily receipt printing process. Lightweight and easy to use, the 32-bit architecture allows for rapid processing with clarity of graphics provided by 203 dpi. There are serial, USB, Bluetooth, or IrDA communications with an option for 802.11b/g connectivity

Datamax-O'Neil Apex 4 Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil Apex 4 Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil Apex 4 Thermal portable printer provides the features of larger, more expensive printers at a more cost efficient, simplified and user friendly four-inch portable design. Sacrificing no quality, or graphic print capabilities, this easy to wear printer is perfect for such venues as restaurant services, hospitality, and store delivery POS applications

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Datamax-O'Neil OC2 Thermal Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil OC2 Thermal Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil OC2 thermal printer offers unsurpassed durability and ease of use in barcode, receipt and label printing which is sure to satisfy the needs of your business applications and your working crew. Specific solutions for retail (POS) transactions, route accounting and inventory tracking help keep the errors down and productivity high

Datamax-O'Neil OC3 Thermal Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil OC3 Thermal Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil OC3 thermal printer is an easy to use, multi-functional printer that can be set to print receipts or labels, each with lightning fast speed thanks to a 32-bit architecture and the capacity for heavy stock media for strong hanging tags or handy peel and stick labels. The 2 MB RAM/ 4MB/Flash allows for storing specialty fonts and graphics. Barcodes and international characters are also supported

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Datamax-O'Neil 2te microFlash Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil 2te microFlash Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil 2te microFlash printer is the industry's smallest, most reliable portable printer. Offering full features and high-performance, the printer offers crystal-clear receipt printing at lightning speed. The 2te houses a 32-bit architecture and a storage capacity that holds store graphics, barcodes, 2D symbologies and international characters.

Datamax-O'Neil 4t microFlash Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil 4t microFlash Portable Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil 4t microFlash portable printer offers rugged reliability when it comes to route accounting and inventory tracking. The popular printer houses a serial and IrDA connectivity designed for lightning fast processing while remaining unobtrusive. The durable exterior is constructed using a polyethylene materiel that can withstand drops and falls to concrete up to six-feet

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Datamax-O'Neil 4te microFlash Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil 4te microFlash Portable Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil 4te microFlash portable printer offers enhanced processing speeds, 2MB RAM/4MB Flash memory capacity and crystal clear route receipt printing. Its compact four-inch receipts are designed to use an 80 column font for invoice printing nearly eliminating traditional downtime thereby increasing worker productivity and decreasing your costs for operations

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Datamax-O'Neil Integrated Printing Systems (Back To Top)
Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD Portable Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD Portable Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD is an integrated thermal, 4te portable printer and hand-held computer designed to seamlessly work together to decrease mobile worker downtime while offering a cost-efficient options for your business applications. The PrintPAD is conveniently charged as one unit by a reliable Lithium ion battery, holding a single charge for up to ten hours

Datamax-O'Neil RP Route Printers Picture

Datamax-O'Neil RP Route Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil RP Route Printer is an integrated hand-held computer and printer designed for mobile route accounting and inventory asset tracking. The RP is also well suited for delivery POS transactions increasing the efficiency of mobile field workers by eliminating multiple trips to the truck to secure the close of the transaction. There is also a uniquely designed print head that virtually eliminates the chance for paper jams and other annoying interruptions while conducting business

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