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Mobile Computers

Motorola Mobile Computers

Motorola has long been the leader in producing rugged mobile computers with built-in barcode scanning capability (Motorola gained its expertise by acquiring Symbol Technologies). Their line of mobile computers is divided into three different categories: handheld computers, vehicle mounted computers, and wearable computers.

Handheld computers represent the largest mobile computing product line with well over 20 different models available. The reason for the different models is that they are purpose-built for different customer environments. For instance, some models are built for workers that stay within the company's environment which implies they only need WLAN 802.11 capabilities; other models are built for workers that are mobile and require cellular connectivity in order to perform their daily tasks. Some additional differences between handhelds include form factor (e.g. gun vs. brick), operating system (Microsoft Windows vs. Android), scan engine (1-D barcodes, 2-D barcodes, high density barcodes, drivers licenses, etc), and environment (e.g. cold storage).

Vehicle Mounted computers are used in docks, warehouses, distribution centers or anywhere fork lift trucks are used. These vehicle mounted computers typically integrate with a external corded or cordless scanner for barcode scanning.

Wearable computers are used so that workers can have both hands free when performing their tasks. For instance, a picker will use a wearable computer connected (wired or wireless) to a ring scanner which allows him to pick an item and place it in a carton while having both hands available to him.

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More Information and Shortcuts for Motorola Mobile Computers:

Handheld Computers:

Zebra (formerly Motorola) has a wide range of handheld computers with product models featuring varying degrees of ruggedness and form factors. These product models also differ based on wireless communication features like WWAN (cellular connectivity), WLAN (802.11 connectivity) and WPAN (Bluetooth), as well as data capture and computing features (processor, memory, operating system, etc).


Vehicle Mount Computers:

Motorola Vehicle Mounted Computers are typically installed on fork lift trucks and integrated with a corded or cordless (Bluetooth) scanner. One of the key differences between these VMCs and other computers is that they are designed to be powered by a FLT.

Wearable Computers:

Zebra wearable components include the RS419 and RS507 ring scanners, and the WT41N0 wearable terminal. Together, these devices allow a user to work with both hands as one hand no longer has to be responsible for holding a device.

Sled Readers:

Zebra RFID Sleds are designed to enable you to read RFID tags with your existing mobile computer (handheld computer, tablet and/or smartphone).


Zebra (Motorola Symbol) mobile computers accessories include items such as cables and power supplies to protective covers and straps. Use accessories in order to enhance functionality with your Zebra (Motorola Symbol) mobile computer.



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